What is Capital gains tax on shares? How to avoid it?

What is the current rate of capital gains tax on shares? In the 2023/24 tax year, there are currently four different rates of capital gains tax in the UK. The rates differ depending on the type of asset being disposed of (property has a different CGT rate to all other chargeable assets), and also the […]

How to do Asset Allocation for better returns

Both ETFs rallied in the fourth quarter of 2023. So far this year, global equities have continued to rally, but global bonds have stalled. What’s behind this? Some of the answer lies in US technology stocks. We’ve seen continued optimism in that space coming into 2024. That’s not been reflected across all equity markets. As […]

10 ways to reduce their tax bill in the UK

Tax, left unchecked, can be a major contributor to eroding your wealth. With the top rate of income tax currently at 45% in the UK, having a sophisticated tax strategy is equally as important as a well-planned investment strategy. The optimum solutions will depend on individual circumstances, but a number of routes exist for high […]